ET Batavia Triathlon


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Athlete Check-In will be located at the end of Union Ave., at the north end of Quarry Beach Park. Body marking will be done at that point.

The start for both the duathlon and triathlon is located at Quarry Beach Park, as is the transition area. The NEW finish line for the run course is at Batavia VFW.  Click here to see the locations of both the start and finish areas.  They are about 0.8 miles apart.

Athletes should bring their bikes on the morning of the race. There is no option for placing your bike into transition on Saturday.

Check-in will open at 4:30 AM, and Du/Tri transition will open at 4:45 AM. You may not enter the transition area until after you check-in. Transition will be open in general until 6:25 AM. Please allow ample time for both check-in and setup in the transition area. Transition will close promptly at 6:25 AM. The transition area will be secured until 11:45 AM.

The pre-race instructions will be given at 6:10 AM. The National Anthem will be performed at 6:25 AM, and then competitors should begin to assemble so that the race starts at 6:30 AM.

The triathlon’s swimming event will occur at the Quarry Beach Park, an unheated, outdoor, sand-bottomed facility managed by the Batavia Park District.

The 400 meter course will be marked by buoys, and lifeguards will be on duty to assist swimmers in need of help.

Athletes should generally line up at the swim start in the order of the race numbers.  Athletes will be allowed to move forward or backward in the swim staging line to adjust their pace positioning.  Pacing signs will be staged within the swim start line to assist with proper positioning.  Athletes are asked to self seed in their expected pace groups and not move forward if they can not sustain that pacing.

The quarry water is not heated, so the temperature of the water is cool – typically in the range of 65-70 degrees F. Wetsuits are allowed and worn by most participants.  Wetsuit rental is available from one of our sponsors, Geneva Running Outfitters.

For more information about the facility, you can visit the Park District’s Web Site.

Click here to view the swim course, transition and bike course map

Bike Course

The 14.7-mile bike course is a circuit, starting and ending at the transition point at Quarry Beach Park. The course reaches the furthest limits of Batavia. As the course heads west, the terrain has a few small, short hills, but presents the chance to view much of prairie on the western edges of town.

PLEASE NOTE: Bikers must adhere to traffic rules on the route, as portions of the course will be open to street traffic. The Batavia Police Department and volunteers work together to direct traffic and help give the cyclists the right-of-way.

Click here to view the bike course map

ET Batavia Bike Course Que Sheet

  • Exit transition on Pamarco Drive
  • Left on Union
  • Right on Water
  • Left on First
  • Right on Van Nortwick
  • Left on Wilson
  • Left on Deerpath
  • Right on Main
  • Left on Bliss
  • Left on Seavey
  • Left on Deerpath Rd.
  • Continue onto Nelson Lake Rd.
  • Right on Main
  • Left on Deerpath
  • Right on Wilson
  • Right on Van Nortwick
  • Left on First
  • Right on Water
  • Left on Union
  • Right on Pamarco into transition
The ET Batavia Triathlon features a 4.1 mile run course that follows the Fox River. The running portion of the Batavia Triathlon will utilize both the east and west sides of the Kane County Fox River Trail. Runners will enjoy the river vistas and shaded forest preserve paths.  Please note: NEW run course and finish line for 2016.

Click here to view the triathlon run course

The NEW race finish line area is at the Batavia VFW.  It’s approximately 0.8 mile north of the race start at the Quarry.

We have a fantastic awards ceremony and raffle as part of our post-race expo party at the finish line.  So grab some great food and a beverage of your choice (provided by our super food and beverage sponsors) and enjoy the show. Awards and Raffle will start at approximately 10:00 A.M. and finish in plenty of time for you to head back and retrieve your bike/gear from the transition area.Your race bib has two tear off tabs. One beer coupon and the other is your entry into the raffle.  Look for the raffle ticket box at the ET tent. We’ll also have volunteers walking around the expo with a raffle box!

The awards ceremony and raffle are at the Batavia VFW.

Awards will be presented for top finishers by gender and by age group for both the Triathlon and the Duathlon.

Male & Female Age Groups:

  • 19-under; 20-24; 25-29; 30-34; 35-39; 40-44; 45-49; 50-54; 55-59; 60-64; 65-69; 70-74; 75-79; 80+

The award ceremony will be held at approximately 10:00 A.M. or when the event has finished.  Award winners must be present at the ceremony to receive awards.  The award ceremony is integrated with the raffle event and will be near the finish line area.

Transition does not re-open for bike removal until the youth Splash & Dash swimmers have completed the swim, moved through transition and out on to the run course.  We estimate this to be around 9:15 a.m. but it could be a few minutes later.   All items must be removed from the transition area by 11:45 A.M.  Athlete should have time after the awards ceremony and raffle to get back to transition are remove your gear.
Relay teams are a great way to split of the triathlon, introduce friends to our community and have fun.  Teams can be comprised of two or three athletes, each doing one or two of the event segments.  The first relay member completes the swim, then goes to the transition area to their bike.  Then athlete #2 starts the bike unless the swim athlete is also doing the bike as part of a two person relay team.  Once the bike athlete is finished, they come back to the transition area and the athlete completing the run finishes the race.  All three (or two) relay members will get finisher medals.  The run athlete should ask for three medals when they cross the finish line.

Please note: USAT policy requires that every athlete in the race pickup their own packet at packet pickup.  This means that each member of a relay must come and check in and get their packet.  Relay teams do NOT need to come to packet pickup together or on the same day.  Each member can come check in at their most convenient location and date.